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K家具专业媒体发布会及黑川雅之演讲 K-FURNITURE lanuch

  • 巷肆创意产业园 XIANGXI CREATIVE INDUSTRIAL PARK 20号-56号 Si Ma Lu Tientsin, Tianjin Shi, 300142 Cina (map)

K-FURNITURE media lanuch and Masayuki Kurokawa lecture
巷肆创意产业园 2楼 / xiangxi creative industrial park 2 floor
5月14日 / saturday 14 may / 10:30-12:30  
需要提前预约 / booking necessary: +8613621829626


“劳动革命是涉及家具贸易的一句宣传口号”,对此我持 有不同意见。 “活着就要工作,而工作本身既会带来喜悦,同时无论对谁 又都是在找寻美”。 
提供一款家具“原型”的方案。将此原型结合各种不同情况 以半定制形式提供。还可将玻璃柜提供给会议室等。 
如有需求,还可进行“工作空间设计”,并协助“家具销售” ;根据需要,还可“推荐施工公司”。由此提供舒适、美观、 时尚的写字间或工作室。 

Masayuki Kurokawa’s New Furnitures 

It is said that “labor revolution is a slogan of furniture trade”, but I hold di erent views.
To live is to work, and work itself will brings us joy, and also helps whoever seeks beauty. 
Furniture is mainly made of natural materials, textiles and steel structures.
We will o er a plan of the prototype of a set of furnitures in semi-custom form by taking different situations into consideration. We will also provide glass cabinets for meeting rooms. Upon request, we could make “working place design” and assist you in “furniture selling ”. Based on your needs, we could “recommend construction company ” to provide comfortable, beautiful and fashionable offices or studios.