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诗意与建造 Poetics and Construction

青年建筑论坛 诗意与建造
POETICS AND CONSTRUCTION. Young Architectural Scholars Forum
tianjin chengjian university, school of architecture
5月17日 / tuesday 17 may / 9:00-17:00

建筑师一方面利用图纸与模型这种建筑学特有 的诗哲般的工作方法去接近事物本身;而另一 方面他们又将思考后的建筑语言协同工程师、 建造者以及工匠实现为具有物理呈现状态的建 筑实体。前者指涉我们要去建造什么,而后者则 与我们如何去建造相关。由此可见,建造问题贯 穿着建筑学的始终。 无数历史已证明,建筑作为一种建造物,通过本 体与场所的建造已经牢牢扎根于人类物质文明 的历史之中。面对一个技术与信念渐已动摇的 时代,对建造问题的关注是一种回归,它揭示了 我们当下应采取的实际步骤和具体策略应该是 什么。 

With drawings and models, architects approach things themselves in a poetical and philosophical way. Moreover, they transform the well-thought-out architectural language to a building presented in physical state with engineers, constructors and craftsmen. The former refers to what to construct, and the latter relates to how. 
It has been proved by history that building is deeply rooted in the human development of material civilization. In a time that technology and belief have been undermined gradually, the attention on the construction is a way to return, which reveals what we should do at present.