Daniele Della Porta originated the idea in 2014, convinced that the company model based on the relationship between artisans and designers, not filtered by brand identity requirements, can be the key to redefining the logic of the market, beginning in the south. The company took on this project as a challenge, to create a collection based on just a few strong points. This is the artisanal essence of working with Alfa Marmi, which assumes the metaphoric sense of free expression. Water, linked semantically to imagination. Italian marble, to bring attention to our local resources. The ten designers, with diverse design approaches for expressing a multiplicity of ideas and the expressive malleability of the material. The collection is included within the solid and coherent tradition of the company, working in a sense of “consulting service” always offered to designers and clients.

Daniele Della Porta在2014年形成了这一理念,认为公司应基于手工业者和设计师关系而建立,而不是不断满足品牌标识的要求,这是重新建立市场逻辑的关键所在。首先在南部实施这一理念。公司将该工程作为一种挑战,仅仅基于一些优点来进行收藏。这充分体现出与Alfa Marmi合作关系中的手工技艺元素。而Alfa Marmi认为自由表达有其隐喻特性。水,从语义学角度与想象力紧密相连。意大利大理石,则将人们的视线转移到当地资源中来。十位设计师使用不同的设计方式来表达各种理念以及富有表现力和可塑性的材质。这一收藏模式成为公司固有的、一脉传承的传统之一,以一种“咨询服务”的方式向设计师和客户提供服务。