Tianjin Design Award 2014


The theme of the event is ‘Nature’, the will is to enrich the life of people. Nature is the benchmark value of all things.
XX century has been a human value orientated era. Human beings acting in a self-interested way and wreak havoc on nature.

Again, Nature exists in human beings themselves, to consider Nature as universal thought is extremely important. 
We invite all participants to send a project which looks at nature from different perspectives. For example:

  • A products made by natural materials and natural structure;
  • A product which creative idea stems from nature;
  • Everyday object, building or city made by natural materials.
  • A poster of a campaign for the respect for nature.
  • The project of a nature-theme park;
  • Facilities or poster about the preservation of animal and plant life.

The Design Competition is one of important content of Tianjin International Design Week. The competition aims to stimulate the creativity of young designers, foster innovation while discover new talents.

The participants could come from different field, such as: urban design, building design, furniture design, graphic design and photography. They will send project which deals with the theme of Nature from different sides.

The participant should be on February 1, 2014 under 35 years old. The participants can be student, professionals and nonprofessionals. Individual and group status from any country are all welcome. (For group registration any member of the group should be under 35 years old)

English and Mandarin (simplified and traditional) are the allowed languages of the competition.


Participants should comply with following rules:

  1. Each participant should log in the website of Tianjin International Design Week (www. tdwtj.com) fill the application form and upload the project in the required format. 
  2. At the end it will send a confirmation email. If the participant will not receive it, he needs to contact the organizing committee.


  1. Competition publication: 1 March 2014
  2. Application Deadline: until the31st of March 2014.
    In the same time the participant can start to send the project to the organizing committee.
  3. Project upload: until 18 April 2014 
    Projects delivery deadline and selection. 
  4. Project evaluation: 21-25 April 2014 
    The jury will evaluate the works and notify winners. 
  5. Preparatory period to exhibition from 26 April to10 May 2014.
    The candidates are required to modify the design and 3D map, to make model etc.)


The participants should upload max 2 panel (landscape orientation). 

Specific requirements: 
Works must be in JPG format 1200X900 mm, 150dpi* and include:

  1. Short description of the project (800-1000 characters);
  2. Render**; 
  3. Structural drawings;
  4. Project size;

* An original picture in resolution of 300dpi must be provided for further exhibition and publishing purposes if the work enter in the final session.
** Any types of renderings are admitted as long as clearly representing the designer’s creativity and skill.

Design drawings must not include: name ( English or Pinyin initials ) or any other sort of icon or graphics related to the identity of participant.


Gold Award:
Certificated of award and a prize of 50.000 RMB
Silver award:
Certificated of award and a prize of 20.000 RMB
Bronze award:
Certificated of award and a prize of 10.000 RMB 
10 honorable mention: Certificated of award


The winners will attend the opening ceremony of Tianjin International Design Week, the Award Ceremony and the Award Works exhibition.
The winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze prize will receive a free round-trip ticket and free accommodation, the winners of honorable mention will receive free accommodation (if the winner is a group, the group will choose a member as representative) .
After the end of Tianjin International Design Week, the prize-winning works will be collected in a catalogue.


The jury will be composed by 4 judges. In case of discordance the chief of jury will take the decision.


  1. The participation to the competition is free of charge;
  2. The organizing committee hold the rights of diffusion, exhibition, publication and publishing the prize-winning works. If the committee will use the project these will be signed by the author. 
  3. The participants hasn’t the right to ask for the restitution of submitted works or to file any claims to the organizers, co-organizers and organizing committee.
  4. The works must be original, should not have similar or resemble to other work.
  5. It does not allowed any kind of violation of third party copyright or intellectual property. When a work do not abide by this condition, the organizing committee has the right to eliminate the participants from the competition, to take back the award and to seek a compensation for damages. 
  6. Any dispute on intellectual property should be handled by the participant himself. The participant bears legal liability.
  7. Interpretation rights of above rules belongs to the organizer.


Zhao Fengyuan (Bella) 
Tel: (+86) 022- 26269919
Mobile: (+86) 13821309169
Email: competition@tdwtj.com