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Made in Italy and roman architects abroad


The Chamber of Architects of Rome and Province (OAR), with its more than 17.000 members, is Italy’s most “cutting edge” professional organization. Its activity has for some years been carried out not only at a regional and national level but also in the international arena through its participation in European representative organizations, agreements and Memoranda of Understanding with European and non-European institutions. Today the Chamber of Architects of Rome, thanks also to the creation of the House of Architecture and the Study Centre, is a hub of international connections, seeking to foster cultural exchanges and create collaboration opportunities among professionals from different countries.  The International Department promotes cultural and professional exchanges with foreign architectural Chambers in order to give Roman and Italian architects a real opportunity to invest abroad in partnerships with their foreign colleagues, under the supervision and with the help of the Chamber’s structure and authority. For this exhibition the Chamber of Architects of Rome had selected (with a specific call) the best of roman interior design proposal.





The itinerant exhibition "MTD Temporary Design Museum of Civita Castellana" is an homage to the companies of the Civita Castellana cluster and to the designers that contributed to its industrial evolution and international success. MTD is realised by the Lazio Regional Delegation of ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale (Italian Industrial Design Association) and the Municipality of Civita Castellana, and promoted by the Lazio Region and its agency Lazio Innova.

奇维塔卡斯泰拉纳设计临时博物馆巡回展是为纪念该地区设计公司和为推动其工业发展及国际影响力做出卓越贡献的设计师们而举办的展览。 奇维塔卡斯泰拉纳设计临时博物馆是由意大利工业设计协会ADI拉齐奥大区代表团和奇维塔卡斯泰拉纳市政府组织,并由拉齐奥大区和拉齐奥伊诺协会负责推广。