...a place at the table!

To add a seat at the table: a simple and daily action that actually resume a complex and deep-rooted ritual, starting from the cultural people identity going to the imagination and the creativity of a single person. The idea of inviting twenty among the most important personalities, architects, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, designers, stylists, designers etc,. in order to imagine and to set up in absolute freedom, their “place at the table”: so a very long and "endless" table will be created where not only objects, colors and different styles will be compared, but also and moreover different ideals and  different sense of place.

An happening, a performance that will combine lifestyle, social situation and aesthetic values.


宴席:采用简单的日常行为表现形式来诠释现实生活中复杂的生活礼仪。 这种表现形式表现的既可以是一个民族的文化特征,也可以是对个人想象力及创造力的展示。此项活动可以邀请二十不同职业的人群参加,比如建筑师、企业家、音 乐家、艺术家、设计师等,每位参加者在超长的“餐桌上”依靠想象力自由布置自己的桌面。桌面上的物品、颜色及形式只是展示活动的一部分内容,不同思想意识 以及地域价值之间的相互碰撞与对比才是这次展示活动中最重要的部分。