TDW 2017
Tianjin International Design Week
The Future is Now

第四届天津国际设计周将于2017年5月12日至17日在天津市河北区北宁文化创意中心举行,共持续6天。本届设计周分为主题设计展览、设计竞赛、中意实验班、天津论坛、招商引资活动等几大主题内容。主题设计展:德国手工制造展、青年建筑师展、当代艺术展、设计竞赛展、艺术家个人展等。 设计竞赛,主题为“未来就是现在”,面向社会及各大高校征集工业设计、建筑设计、平面设计等各个领域的创意作品,之后由黑川雅之、保罗·柯兰多尼、孙大力三位国际设计大师担任评委,并在开幕式当天进行颁奖。 中意实验班围绕“未来品牌设计”为主题进行课程的开展,旨在激发学生对于未来设计的思考。 天津论坛,围绕本届设计周主题“未来就是现在”,组委会特邀5位国际知名设计师、评论家为演讲嘉宾,每人进行40分钟以“未来就是现在”为主题的演讲。 招商引资活动包含企业对接和政策资源宣讲活动,搭建了招商引资桥梁,帮助国内外企业、机构了解我区招商政策、条件等。 本届设计周主题“未来就是现在”(The future is now)向大家阐述了时间但有“过去”与“未来”,并无“现在”,“过去”、“未来”皆是“现在”,旨在对于未来设计将面对的社会、经济等问题的思考。继续秉承“设计无处不在”的理念,通过丰富而科学的展览、活动向大家展示设计的奇妙之处。

The 4th Tianjin International Design Week will be held in Beining Cultural and Creativity Center in Hebei District, Tianjin City in May 12, 2017 for six days. The Design Week has several themes, namely, design exhibition, design competition, Sino-Italian experimental class, Tianjin forum and business and investment attraction. This theme design exhibition includes the Handmade in Germany, exhibition of young architects, contemporary art exhibition, design competition exhibition, individual exhibition of artists, etc. Design competition, with the theme of “The future is now”, the competition collects innovative works in various fields such as industrial design, architectural design and graphic design from the society and various universities. Sino-Italian experimental class hold classes with the theme of “future brand design”, aiming to provoke the students’ thoughts on future design. Tianjin Forum,centered on the theme of this Design Week “The future is now”, the organizing committee specially invited five world-famous designers and critics to give speeches with the theme of “The future is now” for 40 minutes. Business and investment attraction aims to integrate with enterprises, publicize policy resources, build a bridge for business and investment attraction, help domestic and foreign enterprises and organs to understand the business attraction policies and conditions of the district. The theme of the Design Week “The future is now” indicates that there is “past” and “future” without “now”, and the “future” is “now”, targeted at social and economic problems of the future design. Inheriting the concept of “Design is everywhere”, it displays the fantasy of design to the public through rich and scientific exhibitions and activities.

12—17 may 2017

Beining Park
Beining Cultural Creative Center
Xiangsi Creative Industrial Park

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