We learn from trying new things.
We learn from other artists as well.
In workshops I like to start by saying that I plan
to learn from the students while they learn from me.
— Robert Bissett



Train students in approaching a multidisciplinary design project, in a strong active context. The focus is to define basic procedures for a shared project between different subjects architecture, economy, technology- that can strengthen the result, giving a contribute to define a product able to comply different purposes.

The TDW 2015 WS wants to contribute to realize a method able to face with the hard work of learning and systematize urban and behavioural detain order to deeply understand various planning components.

This workshop will see the cooperation between professors of University of Naples “Federico II” and Chinese professors, in order to face themes related to the topic of "consumption of food."In this research perspective should be put the work of TDW015, which will be implemented with the cooperation of the CISI, the Sino Italian Interuniversity Consortium which aims to put in contact the Italian universities and the Chinese ones.


TDW 2015 WS希望助力实现一种方法,能够面对学习的辛苦工作,并使得城市和行为数据系统化,以深入了解各项规划组成部分。