晒上海八/ShineShanghai 8



ShineShanghai 8

北宁文化创意中心 G座

beining cultural creative center, pavilion G


Let`s tell a story before talking about ‘The Eater’. Once King Zhou`s uncle saw him using ivory chopsticks, considering that he`s a black sheep. Because there must be Rhino horn tableware to match ivory chopsticks, and the food and drink must be luxurious too, so must the clothing and the palace. So from the first small beginnings one can see how things will develop. The small chopsticks could reflect the whole huge system of behaving. The definition of product direction of ‘Shine Shanghai 8’ is artifacts for eating and drinking, not digging into the evolution of tableware, but continuing being individualism, from personal experience, raising independent questions and solutions. In ‘Gourmet Fu’ of Su Shi, the description of food and the beauty of cooking is full of vividness,  pure and wonderful. ‘Gathering all the marvelous materials to keep my glutton.’ We prefer to comprehend ‘Materials’ as food and tableware. This time, the specified technique is cloisonné, which would be marvelous. So we choose ‘The eater’ as the theme of design, meaning everyone has his/her own way to eat, and also to eat more marvelously.

晒上海八工艺/ Technique


Enamel is mixed by silicon, minium, borax, feldspar, quartz and other minerals, each with coloring metallic oxide, made to powder of pigment after burning and grinding, along the different techniques, caulked or painted on the metallic wares such as red copper, gold or silver, then burned again. As for the different techniques, enamel is divided into cloisonné enamel, inlay enamel, painted enamel and basse-taille.After enamel was introduced into China in the thirteenth century, the cloisonné enamel is created by Chinese artisans as royal enamel technique. The main technique is to pinch metal wires such as copper, silver and gold manually following the blueprint, burned and grinded after adhesion and coloring. It’s also named as cloisonné enamel or cloisonné.




“The core value of a designer lies in his/her independence”, which is the originating spirit of “Shine Shanghai”. Every year, top-ranked designers from various fields at Shanghai are gathered together to conduct completely subjective and independent design researches with specified materials and theme, and finally present their results in the form of “entity”, which will be named as “product”. However, the definition of “product” varies with each individual. It is without doubt that the meaning is not confined to personal catharsis and expression at all, but an experimental design collective behavior with expectations. We look forward to see some resonances generated from chord of these tiny individuals. Therefore, we adopt the name of “Shine” with an eye to “glisten and illuminate”.Let’s shine our designs freely just like basking in the sun.