德国手工艺展 Handmade in Germany

2017年5月 “Handmade in Germany” 德国手工制造世界巡展, 将在天津继续它世界环游的脚步。这个都市,成为了这个180家来自德国顶级制造商的设计巡展在亚洲的下一站。巡展由来自柏林 Direktorenhaus 展览馆的帕斯卡尔 ̇ 约翰森和卡提亚 ̇ 克莱斯共同策划, 计划在全球范围内,在数年时间里,集中展示德国品质: 包括了横跨各产业的设计产品和工艺品, 全部在德国境内由手工打造。 展品展示了,在全球化与大规模生产的时代背景下,高品质的手工产品所代表的价值和未来。

In May 2017 we will continue our international exhibition tour “Handmade in Germany” via Tianjin. Within the tour this will be a further stop in Asia for the design exhibition of the 180 most important German manufactories. Curated by Pascal Johanssenand Katja Kleissof Direktorenhaus Berlin, this touring exhibition will span several years and continents to show a concentrated collection of German quality production: design objects and manufacturing products, all hand-made in Germany and stretching across all branches. The exclusive selection of exhibits represents the value and future of premium quality production with a commitment to time and handiwork especially against the backdrop of the current trend of mass production and globalisation.