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  • 巷肆创意产业园 XIANGXI CREATIVE INDUSTRIAL PARK 20号-56号 Si Ma Lu Tientsin, Tianjin Shi, 300142 Cina (map)


巷肆创意产业园 2楼 / xiangxi creative industrial park 2 floor
5月14日 / saturday 14 may / 14:30-16:00
需要提前预约 / booking necessary: +8613621829626

蜂谷 一枝軒宗苾是从室町时代延续下来的20代 历经500年历史的志野流香道继承人峰谷宗玄 的长子。2004年玉堂大师赐轩号 一枝轩,宗名 宗苾,成为第21代家族继承人。 

我应该做的事情就是,用香气温柔的将地球包 围。曾经香文化持续了几千年的中国现在已经 看不到了,我们志野流香道怀着敬意送还的时 候到了。没有中国的香文化就没有我们的香道。 带着感激的心情,我们来到中国,把香道传递给 大家。用香气把中国和日本联系在一起。用香气 把中国人和日本人联系在一起。
献香之礼 志野流每一代大师都会在神社寺院将流传下来 的“名香”献给神、佛等,进行这样的献礼仪式。 和平时练习时使用的道具不同,要用特殊的香 炉和香道具,要用得到大师允许的特殊的方法 献香。大师起到用香和神及佛相互联系的作用。 其中目的也是为清洁空间和内心。这种献香的 作法不仅是神社寺院,在特别的仪式,大会上也 有做过。本来献香之礼只是大师可以做的,这一 次得到师傅允许,继承者蜂谷宗苾在天津黑川 雅之办公室进行师传的献香之礼,祝愿黑川先 生工作室事业永远成功。这次表演过程中将展 示志野流500年以上继承到的作法、闻沉水香木 的方法。 

Souhitsu Isshiken HACHIYA comes from the Shinoryu school, which has passed down the tradition of Japanese Kodo in 20 generations for 500 years, since Muromachi time. Later, in 2004, he received his name“ Isshiken” and “Souhitsu” from the elderly master as a gift, and became the 21st successor of the Shinoryu school. 

"My belief is to make the world harmonious by incense”. China, with a tradition going back thousands of years, hasn’t unfortunately inherited the ancient incense culture. Today, Shinoliu sends incense culture back to China with deep respect in heart, because we do understand that without China’s incense culture, there could be no incense culture of Shinoliu. To express my gratitude, I’m going to spend the rest of my life spreading incense culture in China, also in order to establish a friendly relationship between China and Japan”. 

Among Shinoliu, a kind of ceremony named “incense” is used to worship the gods, Buddha and other spirits, consecrating Shinoliu by successive dynasties of leaders in religious places including shrine of gods and fane hieron. During the incense ceremony, burners and props are totally different from daily practice. Besides, incense is sacrificed according to a special method that only can be used by the head. The head is a person who plays a role in communicating and exchanging minds with gods and Buddha by incense. The whole incense ceremony also has the purpose of purification by means of clearing dust from space and from the heart. The ceremony is held at the Buddha altar, but it can also be held on special gatherings. Although the traditional incense ceremony can only be presided over by a head, this time, under special approbation, the ceremony will be hosted by the heir Hachiya Sohitsu according to the method that the head has taught him in person, in order to bless with perpetual prosperity the Tianjin Masayuki Kurokawa studio. During this incense ceremony, everyone will be able to enjoy the method of Shinoliu, ancient 5 hundred years and passed down from generation to generation.