Carlo Ratti

卡罗拉蒂论坛 Carlo Ratti for the Tianjin Forum

天津论坛 卡罗拉蒂教授

Carlo Ratti for the 2016 Tianjin Forum
On Saturday 14th May 2016 at 14:30 professor Carlo Ratti will open the Tianjin Forum: City Planning and Architecture, with a talk about “Design for a Senseable City”. Technological evolution affects the shape of cities and their sustainability, that is to say the way of dealing with natural resources. Carlo Ratti has always been working on this topic in his research activity at the Massachussets Institute of Technology (Boston, U.S.A.), where he is at the head of the Senseable City Lab, and realising projects with his studio Carlo Ratti Associati. In his view, future is a balanced synthesis between technology and the human use of sense. The Tianjin Forum is a section of the TDW 2016dedicated to talks and conferences from international guests.