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interview from: Ciao, magazine of Italian Cultural Institute of Beijing, march 2015

(...) From when I was young I was told I was clever, so I took into consideration a career in engineering. Only in high school I discovered I love architecture, but during the first year at Polytechnic of Milan, I realized that my great love was the design. My first product is a lectern that I built for my personal need and then, I was only 22 years old, entered in the catalog of a company when. It seemed to me that being a designer was very simple: just some ideas, prototypes, presentation to companies, contract, money, success... obviously I was wrong, it was just the beginning of a fantastic adventure that even today, after more than twenty years, I'm living with more enthusiasm ... and a bit more of wisdom. The first way to become a designer is to want it deeply; basically having a goal in life is already being designers themselves. To persevere, do not be discouraged, be conscious that if we want something we will get it. And then, listen, understand and, humbly but tenaciously, act. (...)

(...) 在我很小的时候,就有人说我很有创作天 赋,我当时梦想着成为一名工程师。上高中以 后,我开始对建筑产生了浓厚的兴趣。一直到我 上米兰理工大学一年级时,我才明白自己真正的 爱好是设计。我设计的第一件作品是一个斜面书桌,当时 设计它是为了满足自己的需要。后来在我22岁 时,这件作品被某个公司列到了生产目录里。当 时我觉得做一名设计师是很简单的事情,只需要 设计、制作模型、汇报、合同、钱、成功... 很明 显我的想法是错误的,只是一种偶然。不过在20 年后的今天,我仍对设计保持着原有的热情... 和 一点点的智慧。我觉得成为设计师首要的方式是你要清楚自己的内心深处是否真正想要成为一名出色的设计 师,换句话说就是你要相信自己已经是一名出色 的设计师。持之以恒、不要气馁,要知道如果你 真心想要一件东西,你就会得到它。然后需要倾 听、理解、虚心、坚持和行动。(...)